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Israel Issued Safety Advisory After Suspected Terror Attack Near Delhi Embassy

Israel Issued Safety Advisory After Suspected Terror Attack Near Delhi Embassy

In a tense turn of events, an explosion near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi has prompted the Israeli National Security Council to issue a safety advisory, raising concerns of a potential terror attack. The incident unfolded in the Chanakyapuri diplomatic enclave of the national capital on Tuesday evening, triggering a swift response from Israeli authorities.

Reacting to the situation, the Israeli administration has urged its citizens in India to exercise caution, avoiding crowded areas such as malls and markets. Particularly, individuals have been advised to steer clear of locations identified as frequented by Westerners, Jews, and Israelis. Heightened alertness is recommended in public spaces, encompassing restaurants, hotels, and pubs.

Precautionary Measures and Investigation

To enhance safety, Israeli nationals are cautioned against displaying Israeli symbols openly. Moreover, participation in large-scale events lacking proper security measures is discouraged. The advisory also emphasizes refraining from sharing travel details, real-time photographs, and itineraries on social media platforms.

Guy Nir, spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy, confirmed the occurrence of a loud blast around 5 p.m. While details remain uncertain, both local police and Israeli security teams are actively investigating the incident.

The Israeli foreign ministry assured that no embassy staff were harmed during the incident. Cooperation between Indian and Israeli agencies is underway to probe the matter comprehensively.

“No diplomats or employees have been hurt. Deputy Chief of Mission Ohad Nakash Kaynar stated that our security teams are cooperating fully with the local security in Delhi.”

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) team has examined the blast site in response to the incident. Security has been significantly bolstered around the embassy and other Israeli establishments in New Delhi as a precautionary measure.

This incident is a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and heightened security protocols in the face of potential threats. Authorities continue to work diligently to ensure the safety of all individuals involved and to ascertain the nature of the explosion near the Israel embassy in New Delhi.

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