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AAI ATC Exam 2023 Shift 1: Comprehensive Analysis and Syllabus Overview

AAI ATC Exam 2023 Shift 1

The first shift of the AAI ATC Exam 2023 for the Junior Executive (ATC) posts has concluded successfully, offering insights into the examination’s dynamics. In this post, we delve into the AAI ATC Exam Analysis for Shift 1 held on December 27, 2023, providing a detailed review of the difficulty levels, good attempts, and sectional analysis for all subjects.

AAI ATC Exam Analysis Shift 1 Level

Based on candidate feedback, the overall difficulty level of the AAI ATC Exam 2023 Shift 1 was deemed moderate. Let’s explore the difficulty levels across different sections:

SectionsDifficulty Level
English Language and ComprehensionEasy
General Intelligence/ReasoningModerate
General Aptitude/Numerical AptitudeModerate
General Knowledge and General AwarenessModerate

AAI ATC Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 1: Good Attempts

Candidates often seek information on good attempts to gauge their performance. Here are the estimated good attempts for AAI ATC Exam 2023 Shift 1:

SectionsGood Attempts
English Language and ComprehensionNA
General Intelligence/ReasoningNA
General Aptitude/Numerical AptitudeNA
General Knowledge and General AwarenessNA

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AAI ATC Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 1: Sectional Analysis

English Language and Comprehension:

  • Topics Covered: Fillers, Article, Idioms and Phrases, ISRO Gaganyan.

General Intelligence/Reasoning:

  • Topics Covered: Linear programming, Linear Equality, Friction, Mechanics, Seating Arrangements, Number Series.

General Aptitude/Numerical Aptitude:

  • Topics Covered: Table DI, Missing Number Series, Quadratic Equation, Arithmetic.

General Knowledge and General Awareness:

  • Topics Covered: Name of the Rocket, Act 271, Lok Sabha, Kaveri River Question.

Mathematics & Physics:

  • Topics Covered: Equation of tangent, normal differential equation, Mosley law, debrogley wavelength, Quantum number, Integration, Electrostatic, Properties of light, E. vs V graphs, Equation of light, Magnetism, Bio savart law, Solenoid, Lorentz force, Electromagnetic wave, Image of a point in a line, Projectile motion, Current electricity, Equation of motion, Tension force, Velocity graph, Complex numbers, 1*1 Matrix, 2-3 questions from complex number, Hydrogen energy levels, Inductance formula, Vector.

AAI ATC Exam Pattern 2023 

Certainly! Here is the exam pattern presented in a tabular format:

PartsSectionsNo. Of Questions Maximum MarksTime Duration
Part AEnglish Language & Comprehension
General Intelligence/Reasoning 
General Aptitude/Numerical Aptitude
General Knowledge & General Awareness
120 Minutes
Part BMathematics
120 Minutes

This table provides a clear overview of the AAI JE ATC Exam Pattern for 2023, outlining the sections, number of questions, maximum marks, and time duration for each part.

The AAI ATC Exam 2023 Shift 1 presented a diverse set of questions, testing candidates across multiple subjects. This detailed analysis aims to assist future aspirants in understanding the examination pattern and preparing effectively for upcoming shifts. 

Good luck to all candidates!

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